About Mark L. Baer

Mark has been taking pictures since the early 90s with his work featured in pet industry advertisements, product packaging & catalogs, local newspapers and sports magazines.

In 2010, Mark signed on with USA Today Sports Images (USATSI) to cover professional and division 1 college sports. His "human sports" work has appeared in national and regional newspapers, as well as major magazines including Sports Illustrated, Men's Health, USA Today, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post and many others.

Throughout his career, Mark has maintained a love for dogs and found a way to incorporate dog sports into his normal rotation of human sports, dance and portraiture. He has been heavily involved in lure coursing and dock diving since 2015. 



Email: mark@mlbaer.com
Mobile: 413.441.5011

Team Photo Day at Fenway Park

Team Photo Day at Fenway Park